hlw0008@auburn.edu/ December 9, 2017/ DECOR

Hey y’all! Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour! I keep seeing other bloggers sharing their own homes and wanted to join in on the fun! I’m doing things differently this year in that I’m just sprinkling decor here and there, instead of concentrating heavy decor in the living room. This way, it feels a little more simplified and easy going, and who doesn’t need that this time of year? I hope this “tour” will fill you with ideas and inspiration for decorating your own home!



I broke down and purchased my first flocked tree after Thanksgiving and I’m so happy with it! My favorite thing about it is that it let me stick with neutrals as a foundation, allowing the one color (light blue) to make a statement. I used dark blue on my tree last year but I can’t get enough of the clean, fresh look of the lighter color. It’s very fitting with my pared-down approach this year. I used white and silver ornaments as a base and added in the blue sparingly. The white ornaments really paired well with my shells around the house.














I’ve seen so many adorable coffee/cocoa stations on my Pinterest and Instagram feeds that I just had to try it myself. Again, I tried to stick with just one or two colors. My kitchen has a lot of black and white already, so I incorporated both in the display. The pop of red looked so great with the fluffy white marshmallows. I love that this will stay up throughout the season so we can treat ourself to a fun cup whenever we want!











Living on the Gulf Coast means we’ll probably have a mild Christmas (sad face). But, this outdoor vignette will give us all the feels of winter when we sit on our balcony. I hit the jackpot on faux greenery at Hobby Lobby with the eucalyptus, lamb’s ear, and flocked evergreen selections. I paired them with real pine branches and pine cones that we found on a family hike last weekend.











I hope you feel inspired to get creative in your own home! Here’s a quick recap of the tips I used:

  • Sprinkle Christmas elements here and there for a more simplified look
  • Bring the outdoors in and mix real greenery with pretty faux pieces
  • Play on the neutrals in your home and add in one or two focal colors (and a metal for shimmer). This avoids fussiness from using a lot of busy colors and really allows your favorite color to pop.
  • When working with more than one color or theme, separate them into different rooms of your home to avoid fussiness
  • Most importantly: decorate using things you love and have fun with it! It doesn’t have to be matchy matchy or on trend- if it makes you happy, use it!