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This time of year, we spend so much more time with family and friends. I never like to show up to someone’s house empty handed so, here, I’m going to share with you what’s in my recipe box this holiday season. From cooking hacks to my favorite kitchen essentials, you will hopefully find just enough inspiration to get your own kitchen ready for the holidays.

Before I start any cooking or baking project, I like to set the scene in my kitchen. This means washing up dirty dishes and wiping down countertops to create a clean cooking environment. For some reason, the hum of the dishwasher in the background helps me focus on the task at hand. After cleanup, I light a scented candle and get to work.


Top to bottom, left to right: Le Creuset Dutch Oven, Stainless Steel Narrow Spatula, Unbleached Parchment Squares, OXO Mixing Bowls, Measuring Cups and Spoons, Mixing Spoons, Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, Glass Storage Jars, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook










Before the holidays get going, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time. Stocking your pantry with necessities is a good way to save time later. Spices, flour, oils, nuts and baking candies have a longer shelf life so go ahead and check those off the list now.

Tip: Have a variety of flours on hand in case of a food allergy. Coconut and almond flour are good alternatives for a gluten allergy. For other food allergies, here is a good list of substitutions:

Image pulled from: http://complete-health-and-happiness.com/food-allergy-substitutions/


Have fun preparing your kitchen for all the fun days ahead! I have some delicious recipes up my sleeve this year so I’ll share them here and on Instagram.

Happy baking!