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Pulled from Living With Landyn | Photo Credit Tracy Jones Photography


Walking into Marathon Music Works was like walking into a beautiful wedding reception. The event was decorated with gorgeous white flowers and linen-draped tables. It really lived up to the hostess’s motto of “Making Pretty Choices.” Her classic style showed through all the details! If I was asked to describe the scene in one word, I’d use energetic. It was so Landyn.



Pulled from Living With Landyn | Photo credit Tracy Jones Photography


After entering and along the right wall, was a bar filled with delicious mini acai bowls and coffee. And sitting on the coffee prep station was none other than Vital Proteins- Collagen Peptides, ready to be stirred in, Landyn style.

Past that was a hair revamping station sponsored by Living Proof. And. Wow. What girl doesn’t want to get her hair styled? The stylists were so sweet and gave great tips on how to work with your specific type of hair. And did I mention the free samples? Weeks worth of dry shampoo and dry volume blast were given out. I’m still using mine and it truly has been life changing.



Pulled from Living With Landyn | Photo credit Tracy Jones Photography



In one of her segments, Landyn talked about how it could be bad for your hair to wash it everyday, causing it to dry out and become damaged by the heat of a blow dryer. She mentioned how often she uses dry shampoo and emphasized that it’s not something to be ashamed of or shy away from! Especially when using the Living Proof dry shampoo, because it cleanses the hair. By leaving the product on for 30 seconds then shaking out, it removes the dirt and oil from your hair. Unlike conventional dry shampoos, it doesn’t just cover up the bad stuff, it gets rid of it. I had to try this for myself one weekend to really be convinced and, guys, I’m SOLD. I’ve officially crossed over to the dry shampoo side- at least for every other day use. If anything, my hair feel easier to style and retains more volume than it once did! And, it shaves off some time in the mornings which makes this busy mom happy!





On the far left of the room was the cutest photo booth. Who doesn’t love getting that perfect shot when you’re out with girlfriends? The Go Bonanza Photo Booth was a hit! Moving along to the back wall, you could find a collection of shopping booths. A dangerous place to be in a room of around 500 women. It was nice to be able to slip back there throughout the day and add to my shopping cart as I learned about fashion and the importance of staple pieces (like the blazer, for example). More on that later..






Pulled from Living With Landyn | Photo credit Tracy Jones Photography


I could go over every detail of the show but this post has to live up to its “cliffnotes” title. If asked, I’m sure every woman in attendance would have a slightly different takeaway from that day. Here, I will share some of my favorite things learned.





Image from Vici


Vici has officially become my favorite company to buy from. Even though all the fashion brands and sellers there were amazing, this company really stood out to me because of their large variety of staple pieces. Here are some styling tips Landyn suggested:

  • Invest in staple pieces: jeans, black jeans, white shirts, a nude shoe
    • I’m BAD at spontaneously buying a vibrant top that catches my attention but then later realizing that I don’t have anything to wear with it. My jeans are always just “okay” because I don’t enjoy shopping for them. So, ultimately, I find myself scanning my closet for an outfit but don’t have enough staples to incorporate. Also, it’s easier to recognize a cute top that stands out, making it harder to re-wear.
  • Blazers are a “must have” for every woman
    • Landyn said that if we were to take anything home from the event, we had to understand that every woman needs a blazer. One audience member popped up and said that her body type didn’t look good in a blazer. Of course, she was brought on stage and proven wrong. After audience involvement, there was a consensus that blazers work best with heels, whereas chunkier jackets go better with flats. Food for thought! Needless to say, I went to the Vici booth afterwards and snagged a blazer of my own. Shop it here.
  • The “front tuck”
    • Giving your shirt one tuck in the front lends an effortless look that says you’re too busy to care about tucking the rest in. It helps make any outfit more casual and less starchy.
  • The “I know what I’m doing sleeve”
    • Cuffing a long sleeve or jacket a couple of times, then pushing the sleeve up (see above image). Landyn made everyone in the house wearing a long sleeve stand up and try it out.




Melissa Schleicher, Carrie Underwood’s makeup stylist, ran the beauty segment. She warned against getting on YouTube for contouring tips (hello, we’ve all been there). Here are a few of her tips and tricks:

  • Use coconut oil as a moisturizer
  • Use toothpaste on blemishes to dry them out
  • Use Visine to tone down the redness of blemishes
  • Dampen your eyeshadow brush before using any shimmery eye shadow, to help it last
  • One of her “go-to” products is the Lord and Berry brow pencil.
    • I received one in my Swag Bag and I love it- the sharp point makes application a breeze!





Interior designer, Lori Paranjape, was there to share some of her best tips on decorating a home. Here are the suggestions she made that really struck a chord:

  • What to invest in (things to save up for):
    • Things you touch everyday- doorknobs, nice chairs (or barstools), etc.
    • Lighting- it’s like jewelry for the home
  • Design around your family’s needs.
    • Analyze your routine and ask yourself questions about things that would make your daily routine more enjoyable.
    • Ask “Where do I drink my coffee? Is my seating ideal?” This is something you may do every single day so if you’re not happy with how it is, change it.
    • Ask “What do I do right after coming home from work? Is there a place for my things? Where do my bags go?” She said if the bags go on your kitchen counters, that’s a great opportunity to design a “Drop Zone” by the door. She talked about how we invest so much in a beautiful kitchen and then proceed to clutter it up on a daily basis. This was enough to inspire me to create my own intentional space by the door. Stay tuned for a post about that later.
    • Ask “Where do I go after the shower? Do I have to cross the room to get my robe every time?” “Are my towels handy and nearby when I finish washing my face?” If not, those are simple fixes.
    • After reviewing your daily steps, bit by bit, it becomes clearer to see what drives you crazy and what would save you extra steps. For me, keeping shoes by the back door is ideal. Especially with a 2 year old, having a boot tray to line up our shoes on would keep me sane when we’re running late.
  • Tell a story with your décor.
    • Keeping the room neutral provides the perfect backdrop for telling a beautiful story with your décor. Since styles and interests change, it will be easier to tell your story if you have a neutral starting point. Pops of color that rotate with the different seasons will be easily changed out if the whole room isn’t filled with many colors at baseline. A neutral room will really let the different “stories” shine through.
    • Layer with different textures. Using an array of elements like wood, metal, fur, linen, leather or velvet keeps things from being too boring. You can use this trick on the couch by arranging it with different textured pillows.







Each woman received a raffle ticket at the door and, throughout the day, random numbers were selected for fun giveaways. I was one of the lucky ones who received an awesome prize! I won Landyn’s jewelry line, including these pretties, “The Landyn Stack”. The line can be found here.







At the end of the day, each girl took home a swag bag. Each bag was filled with goodies that Landyn hand picked from local Nashville businesses and other companies she chose. I felt like a kid at Christmas as I opened my bag that night and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite pieces from it. Stay tuned for my “Christmas Gift Guide” post next month, which will include some of these things!



There was so much more content to the show that I may post on later. Landyn also talked about relationships, cooking, exercise and had Q&A. This was just my cliffnotes version! If you’re reading this, I hope you head on over to the Living With Landyn blog or follow her on Instagram. She’s just so much fun! Her Instagram stories keep me inspired daily!