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I am so proud to announce that my mother, Annie M. Cole, has just released her fourth novel, Murmuring Cove. Nothing makes me happier than to see my mom do what she loves….and do it well. I get the privilege of being the first to read/edit all of her wonderful works. This fourth book is the sweet story of grace. I know everyone can relate to making mistakes in life, but nothing is greater than a good story of redemption. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a lift, in this tough and fast-paced life of ours. Enjoy!

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Abstract (taken from BBOTW):
Perilous secrets push Bay Rutherford to seek employment and a quiet life for her family at her ancestral home, Briarleigh. It becomes evident that, even there, determined enemies threaten her peace of mind. But, once she hears the murmurs on the wind, will she follow their promptings?
After an altercation, Flight Medic, Mack Blackwell, is given a leave of absence. He returns to his hometown of Sugar Land to help his uncle restore and open the town’s first Inn, Briarleigh. Yet, building a new life out of the mistakes of the old he soon finds out is anything but easy.