hlw0008@auburn.edu/ March 23, 2017/ ORANGE BEACH & PENSACOLA


Something about the beach rejuvenates me. It always has and I’m sure others feel the same way. Recently, I received an amazing opportunity to work in Orange Beach, Alabama so my family and I packed up and moved to a place we had always dreamed of living– the beach. Even though living in Fairhope meant we were only 45 minutes away, this move would make it possible to have the water within our view every day.

After hearing word of the job offer, my husband and I immediately began searching for a place to live. We looked at houses, townhomes and condos along the gulf coast. We came to the conclusion that while our son was young, we’d be able to live in a condo and enjoy all the amenities that condo living has to offer. Because really, how much would a one-year old miss a back yard? I think the sand and water make the perfect “back yard” anyway!

We found our dream condo in Perdido Key, Florida, just 5 minutes past the Alabama/Florida line. Since we’ve lived here, life feels more balanced. I can’t wait to share what beach living is like as I transform this outlet of a blog into something that fits our new lifestyle. I think the best part for me, though, will be sharing the fun with our family and friends!