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I LOVE a patriotic holiday. Whenever these special days come around, I can’t help but swell with pride in my country- in the men and women who fight for my free life. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than spending it in the great outdoors with the people you love?

Growing up, the holidays were held special by my 50+ member family. Our traditions always centered (and still do) around my grandparents at their home on the lake. And it’s not a holiday without memaw’s famous chip dip. Living away from family now, I want desperately to continue these traditions with my own family when we can’t make it to the lake.

My grandmother is the epitome of a gracious southern hostess and her door is always open to any and everyone. I’ve never met someone as warm and inviting as my memaw. More than anything, she continues to teach me to not sweat the small stuff when entertaining; just love on people and the small stuff won’t matter. That’s welcome advice considering I’m still getting the hang of cooking. Here are some fun and easy things I have planned for July 4th this year. I hope you can grab some ideas and use them for your family and friends!



Getting my porch ready for the Fourth is about function- I want a space for people to pick up plates, napkins and silverware for whatever I am serving. How cute are these little glass jars that will serve as “to-go” containers? I got them for next to nothing at Old Time Pottery.




This Berry Trifle is the easiest thing you’ll ever make. You will need:

  • a Trifle bowl or another large glass bowl
  • one container of strawberries- sliced
  • one container of blueberries
  • 1.5 tubs of Cool Whip
  • one bundt container of angel food cake (already baked @ Publix bakery)

Start with a layer of angel food cake, torn into pieces. Then add dollops of Cool Whip and spread in an even layer. Top with berries then repeat the steps 2 more times. Enjoy!




I love this vintage tank from ILY Couture

Also, these festive shorts from Target are a steal!


♥ I hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day!