hlw0008@auburn.edu/ August 29, 2017/ ORANGE BEACH & PENSACOLA



Since moving to Perdido Key, which is the western-most part of Pensacola, I’ve learned some of the cool culture of the area. Recently, my husband introduced me to the well-known Joe Patti’s Seafood Company on Pensacola Bay. When we walked in, people were buzzing about and numbers were being blasted over the intercom. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where people lined up for the amazing soup and had to be prepared to order quickly. I mean, this place was hopping and you had to be ready when your number was called. It was thrilling, really.

The variety of fresh seafood is out of the world. You can get ANYTHING your heart desires. But, there’s more to the market than that. Joe Patti’s offers selections of fresh baked bread, oils, cheeses and meat. When we go, we always make sure to grab a tray of orange rolls to bring home and bake. These melt-in-your-mouth rolls are some of the best I’ve ever had- perfect for breakfast when family comes to visit.





When you’re in Pensacola, Joe Patti’s is a must see! They’ll pack everything in ice and boxes for you if you’re traveling so be sure to stop by on your way home!