hlw0008@auburn.edu/ June 7, 2016/ DECOR, TABLESCAPES


This year, I wanted my early summer tablescape to reflect a seafaring theme. Living close to Mobile Bay, I have plenty of inspiration everywhere and, like many people, have collected shells and other beach treasures along the way which will be used in the decor. Decorating can seem daunting at first but I always start a project by writing down my ideas. When I think of the sea, I think of sun-bleached shells, worn rope, old maps, battered driftwood, brass lanterns, watery tones of blue and touches of red.


With my list of ideas, I gathered as much as I could from around the house (some from a previous birthday party, some from beach trips, and some old lanterns and maps from flea market finds). I did have to go out and buy a table runner and plates from World Market to complete the tablescape. However, I’m less about recreating someone else’s look and more about using what I already have to make my own.


I wanted to convey the historical aspect of nautical life, by decorating with items that looked aged, as if they were from another time, with a few modern touches of course. For this specific look, the less new and shiny things appear, the better!


The pop of red (often found in maritime signal flags) gives another dimension of color and keeps things interesting. You could also use yellow, baby blue, or certain shades of green. I avoided decorating with flowers because I once read that flowers would look unnatural in a nautical theme since they aren’t typically found by the sea. Instead, I used driftwood and shells. However, palm fronds would be an excellent choice for bringing greenery in.


One of my favorite things about this tablescape is that I found many of the elements from the beach and from around my own home. I loved this look so much that I plan on taking it to different rooms of the house. If this has inspired you to create your own nautical tablescape, send me a picture! I’d love to share! Happy decorating!