hlw0008@auburn.edu/ May 24, 2017/ DIY

It’s the end of May and many of you are wrapping up the school year. With that in mind, here is one way to thank your teachers for all the hard work they’ve done. This is the perfect last minute gift and it’s almost embarrassing how easy it is to create.

Since we started taking John Luke to daycare, we’ve been blessed by some amazing teachers. Each time he moves into a different room, I get sad and think that there’s no way his new teacher is going to take care of him like the last. Each time, I’m wrong. I like to do a little something to show my appreciation each time he moves up. I’ll do doughnuts, cookies, gift cards, but the succulents were by far my favorite!



I found these super cute dessert bowls from Target and thought they would make the perfect little pots for a plant. I’m a huge fan of succulents so I went and picked up some from Lowes. There is no need to add dirt if you get a small enough “pot” to put them in.



Next, I grabbed some gift tags and wooden skewers I had lying around and made little signs. But, you can get creative with whatever you have around your own home. By folding and taping the tag to the skewer, I was able to display my typed note.



The best part is that John Luke’s teachers can re-plant the succulents at home and keep them for however long their green thumb will allow. One of his teachers said that she put it in her kitchen window and it makes her happy to see it everyday. Sweet!