hlw0008@auburn.edu/ August 24, 2017/ TRAVEL

Seeing as this was my first extensive trip to 30A, I’m coming at you with a “less-than-seasoned” take on what to do there. But, here are some noteworthy places and experiences as seen through the eyes of a first-time visitor. Maybe it will give you a good starting point if this is your first time going or  help you remember what’s so attractive to first-timers if you’re a more established visitor.


Because each community along Highway 30A has a different vibe, each has the ability to set itself apart from the others. Rosemary Beach spoke to me the most. With an abundance of well-established trees, it is both shady and cozy. The close-knit community feel is everywhere. One neat thing we enjoyed while visiting was a walkable sculpture exhibition. It runs from May to October, and, just by downloading the “OtoCast” app on your smartphone, anyone can go on a self-guided tour. Being the quintessential example of the New Urbanism design concept, Rosemary is the perfect setting to rent bikes or walk through it’s many pocket gardens and squares. We explored the streets, looking at homes and admiring the gorgeous architecture.


The Pearl


All of the Details







Alys Beach was, by far, most notable for the exquisite homes- castles, really. We were completely enamored by the beauty and architecture here.




Caliza Restaurant



At first glance, it was easy to see that Seaside was the shopping mecca. It seemed to be busier than the others. The restaurants and public beaches added to the draw, no doubt. Bud and Alley’s is located there and, even though we didn’t get a chance to drop in, I’ve always heard great things about it. I managed to break free of the tribe for a few moments of “mommy time” in the cutest shop, The Art of Simple. Set up with apothecary items, antiques and art, this little gift shop is EVERYTHING. It’s a must-see!


I hope you are as inspired by this place as I am! If you find yourself reading this and thinking, “Oh no, she didn’t go (______), please message me and give me suggestions! With this only being less than 2 hours away, it’s my ideal weekend getaway. Any tips are welcome!